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Injured Aurora child-in-car update

The child injured in yesterday's Aurora incident is believed to be a 2 year old girl.  Police say the mother of the child briefly left the girl and several other children unattended in a car outside of a residence located in the 15400 block of east Louisiana Ave., only to return and find the little girl's head wedged in a portion of the car door or window.  The  mother then rushed the child to Aurora South hospital where she was subsequently transported by helicopter to Children's Hospital in north Aurora.  The little girl is currently in critical condition there.  The police investigation continues as of this writing.

Child hospitalized in Aurora after being left in car

07/23/13 - Aurora, CO:  A child was hospitalized in Aurora this evening following an incident that happened in the 15400 block of east Louisiana Ave.  Neighbors reported seeing a person (or persons) performing CPR on a child early this evening.  A woman then transported that child by private vehicle to a local hospital.  Police believe the child was left unattended in a car and it is unknown as of this writing how the child sustained what appears to be life-threatening injuries.  It is also not known as of this writing if today's hot temperatures played a roll in the incident.  The child's age and condition are not known at this time.

Below: Aurora CSI members and police investigators examine a vehicle that may have transported the child to the hospital.

Below: an unidentified woman speaks with police outside the hospital

Below: Aurora police knock on neighbors' doors and conduct interviews on east Louisiana Ave.

Photos by Shane Anthony - LensEast.com

Sunset Beauty out East

07/20/13 - Denver, CO: A towering Cumulus cloud over East Denver is illuminated by sunset rays from the West.  A near full-moon can be seen in the lower right-hand corner of this picture.
Photo by Shane Anthony - LensEast.com

Serious Auto vs. Bicycle accident

07/20/13 - Denver, CO:  An early morning accident on this date sent a man in southeast Denver to the hospital with serious injuries.  Denver police called for traffic investigators around 3:00AM today to respond to East 1st Ave. and South Colorado Blvd. where a man had been struck on his bicycle by a vehicle traveling in the same direction on Colorado Blvd.  The bicyclist received serious injuries according to police and was transported to a local hospital.  Most of Colorado Blvd. was closed for over an hour as police investigated the crash.  As of this writing it is unknown who was at fault in the accident.   

Below: Denver Police investigate the serious accident

Below: the crushed bicycle lies in the middle of South Colorado Blvd.

Photos by Shane Anthony - LensEast.com

Driver turns car into submarine

07/15/13 - Aurora, CO: According to park witnesses the unknown driver of this car decided to intentionally drive his car numerous times into a flooded retention pond at Utah Park in the water left behind by today's monsoonal summer afternoon rain storm.  The witnesses also stated to police that after multiple passes in the pond, the vehicle responded to its driver by finally stalling in the waist-deep water (big surprise!).  The driver then reportedly waded out of the vehicle and disappeared.  As of this afternoon the driver was still AWOL.  If this is your car, good luck explaining this to you insurance agent!

Below: The abandoned car is seen in one of the ponds at Utah Park

Below: Aurora police officers discuss the awesome hydro-parking job by the missing driver

Photos by Shane Anthony - LensEast.com

Adult Store Shooting

05/19/13 - Aurora, CO - Aurora Police responded Sunday afternoon to a report of a shooting victim at the Pleasures Adult store located at 2070 S. Havana St. in southwest Aurora.  The victim who is reportedly a store employee was transported by ambulance to a local hospital with life threatening injuries.  The store has reportedly been the scene of numerous previous robberies, none of which have resulted in injury.  As of this writing, the robbery suspect is still at large.  LensEast.com

Aurora Police investigate the Pleasures Adult store shooting located at E. Jewell Ave. and South Havana St.  LensEast.com photo by Shane Anthony

2-car double rollover accident

11/19/12 Aurora, CO - Just moments ago Aurora 911 received a call of 2 vehicles rolled over in a major injury auto accident located at South Parker Road and East Lehigh Ave.  Fire units on the scene are reporting 3 injured people including one child and two adults.  Reportedly one person was ejected from one of the rolled over vehicles.  3 ambulances have responded to the scene and are presently transporting the injured parties by ground to local hospitals.  Parker road is presently closed in both directions due to the accident and large amounts of debris on the road. LensEast.com  

Denver Police Chief comments on murders

10/17/12 - Denver, CO: Denver Police Chief Robert White comments on the horrific discovery made in a East Denver bar on this date:   Denver Police Chief Speaks about Murders - VIDEO

LensEast / LensEast.com  Video by Shane Anthony

5 found murdered in Denver Bar

10/17/12- Denver, CO: According to police 5 people were found murdered in an East Denver bar early on this date.  Fero's Bar and Grill located at 357 S. Colorado Blvd. was the scene of the grizzly murders.  An apparent arson fire was set in a possible attempt to cover up the murders according to police.  The fire was first noticed by a passing Glendale police officer who in turn notified the Denver Fire Department.  Upon entry into the bar the firefighters made the gruesome discovery of 5 victims, 4 women and one man.  At first Denver Paramedics staged at the scene to assist the victims until it became apparent that all 5 were deceased.  Denver Police Chief Robert White made several Press statement from the scene.  Bar owner Young Suk Fero, 63, was identified among those killed.   LensEast / LensEast.com

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